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Case study

A Highly Customizable Skill Tracking Solution for Gym Facilities

Technologies Used

Java, Spring, Hibernate, ActiveMQ, MySQL, Apache Tomcat, iOS, Android

Project Overview

Oxagile developed a highly customizable, accessible, and easy-to-use online skill tracking solution for gym facilities. The system makes skill and achievement tracking a breeze, keeps students and parents in the loop, and greatly boosts family engagement.

The solution features completely customizable online skill charts, full viewing access for families and students 24/7, real-time achievement and level-up notifications, personalized certifications, custom curriculums, multimedia functionality (with support for instructional videos and demonstrations), user management, and more.

The system uses a clean, intuitive UI, and works seamlessly with both iOS and Android-based devices. The core is fully domain-agnostic, and can be utilized to support any class-based activity or business.

Time frame
10 months
19 man-months