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Case study

An Intelligent Product Recommendation Platform

Technologies Used

Node.js, StrongLoop, jQuery, AngularJS, Backbone.js, PostgreSQL, REST API, PHP, WordPress, Nginx, Docker Hub, AWS

Project Overview

Oxagile developed a full-blown, highly customizable, yet easy-to-use online product recommendation platform that can dramatically enhance product selection process for eCommerce users. The solution allows setting up personalized recommendations that help online shoppers make the right choice. Shoppers describe how they plan to use an item by answering a series of simple questions, and the platform intelligently translates their needs into product recommendations.

The resulting system allows creating user needs analysis question sets (called “experiences”), configuring the relative “weight” of every question, adding custom content and selectable products, setting up experience styles, gathering statistical data, and more. The configuration process has been greatly streamlined by using drag-n-drop, and does not require any technical expertise.

The solution can be seamlessly integrated with any eCommerce website, and has been designed to be visually appealing no matter the site design.

Time frame
10 months
14 man-months