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Case study

Financial Data Verification and Collaboration Solution

Technologies Used

Java, Tomcat, Apache, MySQL, JasperReports, AngularJS

Project Overview

A well-known U.S.-based public health research and consulting firm needed to migrate its legacy financial system to a modern technology stack. The legacy application was written approximately two decades earlier and was falling short in terms of performance, reliability, and extensibility.

The developed product is an easy-to-use financial data verification solution that functions as a bridge between the QuickBooks and Costpoint accounting products. The system enables staff to identify and resolve issues in critical financial data, generate customizable reports, and seamlessly use Google Drive for data storage and exchange.

Built on cutting-edge web technology, the new system improves on the legacy application on many levels, including speed, scalability, and data validation. It also serves as a collaboration platform, facilitating work between dozens of international field offices and the company’s headquarters.

Time frame
7 months
36 man-months