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Case study

Online Clairvoyance and Life Reading Service

Technologies Used

Java, Hibernate, JSF, Tomcat, MySQL

Project Overview

The platform is an online clairvoyance and life reading service that connects psychics and astrology gurus with their clients. The application enables live text chats and audio calls among the system users – those willing to look into the future and those who provide fortune telling services. Oxagile helped the customer implement VoIP technology into the existing application, which called for restructuring of its architecture and complete refactoring of the server-side logic.

Oxagile participated in the reengineering of the existing solution, built Jabber/XMMP-based chat, implemented rich UI widgets using GWT and integrated the platform with a third-party payment system.

Our team optimized the platform performance and its productivity to serve simultaneously a larger number of users.

Time frame
7 months
38 man-months